Dinner Menu

For the Table

texas cheese board 12/18

for one $12 or for two $18

house charcuterie 12/18

one $12 or two $18
best of both 14/20
combination for one $14 or two $20


Smoked CaRrot Soup 8

charred leek, pumpernickle couton,
créme fraiche

Broccoli Salad 8

marcona almond, maple vinagrette,
grilled koholrabi puree, Texas cheddar,
red grapes

Beet Salad 8

chickweed, candied walnuts, charred chevre

Spicy Greens Salad 10

miso vinagrette, daikon raddish, 65 degree
egg, tangerine, togarashi, crispy soba noodles

Toasted Brioche 10

Texas cheddar, tasso ham, pineapple chutney,

Charred Corn Fritters 10

tomatillo jam, pilsner aioli, cilantro

Grilled octopus 13

crispy chickpeas, chimichurri, squid ink aioli,
orange, frisee

Pork Belly 12

fennel apple mostarda, smoked cherry puree,
henbit weed


Parisian Gnocchi 22

fennel, oyster mushrooms, carrot,
watercress, beurre blanc

Chicken-fried Quail 28

cabbage, jalapeno, apple, sorghum,
celery seed

Seared Striped Bass 30

squash, zucchini, okra, tomato

Rack of LAMB 38

sumac, carolina gold rice, smoked pistachio,
roasted tomato, meyer lemon yogurt

Short Rib 33

44 farms beef, hausbar farms greens,
black barley, bourbon demi-glace

Grilled Ribeye 38

Crispy potatoes, creamed arugula, chives,
paprika oil


Brown Butter Cake 8

coconut, passion fruit, sichuan peppercorn

Pistachio Gelato 8

sweet corn, lime, mezcal

Hazelnut Semifreddo 8

chipotle brownie, orange caramel, waffle cone